When you move to a new home, you may need help taking out all your belongings. You cannot move without them, and in most cases, a home removal service comes to your rescue. However, finding solutions to keep your car in a safe space during the moving-out days is a separate challenge.

The Need for a Storage Container:

A car is one of your more significant possessions. During the packing period, you might need it for a quick drive to fetch some essential things. However, if you have specific issues about keeping the car in your new home’s garage, keeping it in a storage space for a while would be practical. This is crucial if you have bought the vehicle recently.

How to Keep Your Car Properly Inside a Container?

If you are keeping your car in container storage in Edinburgh, you might need some guidance on proper storage. The following section discusses a few essential steps.

  • Jack the Car Up: If you keep the vehicle inside the container for winter, you should remember to follow this step. Place the jack near the rear axle and the front suspension. This will elevate the tyres and keep them apart from the lower surface of the container. The advantage of following this step is that it prevents flat tyre surfaces. When you take the vehicle out to drive again, it may create an unpleasant vibration.

  • Remove the Wiper Blades: If you do not know how long you might have to keep the car, remove its wiper blades. Clean them thoroughly after removal and store them inside the vehicle. The wiper blades are rubber and tend to stick to the car’s windscreen. When left long enough, the blade edge will start deforming and can get seriously damaged, causing a significant repair expense.

  • Proper Maintenance Before Storing: Clean the car and other significant components. Check the fender wells properly and remove any signs of dust, grime, or road grit. These are the leading causes of rusting in different areas of your valuable possessions. You can dry and wax the car thoroughly before storing it in the container for better results.

Consider these valuable tips to keep your car correctly inside a storage container. To find a trustworthy source, contact Dunbar Removals & Storage Ltd. We are a prominent business offering storage containers in Edinburgh to a broad client base. Whether handling domestic or business removal, you can keep your valuable belongings in our containers. Browse our website to learn more about our service.