Moving from one location to another with your belongings is surely one of the most stressful experiences. To ease the task, most property owners take help from a removal company. They have their own fleet of vehicles and professionals who can make the task much easier. The homeowner remains assured about the safety and security during transporting their belongings.

Be Careful in the Packing Process:

When you are in the process of packing your belongings ahead of the move, you should be careful. Before sorting out the belongings in separate spaces, you must know that the removal companies have rules for carrying certain items. To remove the hassle, you must communicate with the removal service and clarify the items they avoid transporting between locations.

Items that Removal Services do Not Carry During a Move:

Here is a concise list of items that removals in Edinburgh prohibit from carrying. If you possess any of these items, it is better to make separate arrangements to transport them to your desired location.

1. Family Heirlooms and Other Valuable Items: Typically, removal services do not prefer transporting something that has a sentimental value. This makes them responsible for carrying a personally valuable item to the client. It is a major obligation that puts them forth a certain degree of pressure for transporting. If the item gets damaged, you will only receive the good’s worth in current market value.

2. Pets:Moving to a new location is hectic for your pet. You need to take proper care during D-Day. It would be a bad idea to transport your pet to the new home on the mover’s van. Primarily, the moving service is not responsible for moving living things like your pet. Secondly, it would be hectic for them to go in the back of a closed van among cardboard boxes. Therefore, it is important to plan for their safe transport beforehand.

3. Hazardous Items: For removal services, hazardous items can be broadly classified into different parts. They tend to avoid transporting items that are combustible, corrosive or explosive. If you have any of these items, it is better to drop the idea of transporting them via removal service.

These are a few items that you would not be able to transport with the help of a removal service. However, if you need help moving other belongings, you can contact Dunbar Removals & Storage Ltd. We are a well-known removal in Edinburgh offering residential and commercial moving. For more information, you can visit our website today.