Five Things to Keep in Storage

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Whether you are planning to move or just want to make a little more space in your home, self-storage can be quite useful for keeping items secure and out of the way. Just what should you consider storing, though?

Here are five commonly stored items and how to ensure they handle the storage without deteriorating:

1. Vehicles

A vehicle that you wish to keep, but don’t currently have space for may be better stored in a safe storage building. You’ll need to take care to prepare the vehicle with petrol and a stabiliser in the system to prevent internal rusting. You will also want to change the oil before storage.

If possible, have the vehicle cleaned thoroughly before putting it up so the tyres won’t go flat. Finally, disconnect the battery and cover the vehicle with fabric or a tarp to prevent dust.

2. Heirlooms

Do you have items that were handed down through the generations, but just don’t fit your style or space? These are ideal for tucking away in a secure place. Small items may be kept in a safe or the bank, but larger pieces will do well in self-storage.

Be sure to carefully wrap items and store them in boxes with padding such as blankets if they are fragile. Any art should be wrapped in tissue and kept off the ground to avoid problems.

3. Holiday Items

There’s no reason to keep holiday items in the home when you have limited space. A self-storage unit allows you to keep all those items close enough for easy use, but out of sight. Put each type of ornament or item into a box that’s clearly labelled. This will allow you to immediately enter the storage unit and pick up all the boxes labelled “Christmas” or “Easter,” so you don’t need to sort through everything to find what you’re looking for.

4. Books

Are you out of space for your books, but don’t want to give them up? You don’t have to. With a storage unit, you can safely store the books you no longer read. These may be easily placed on bookshelves you place in the unit, or you can put them into boxes according to author or category.

5. Furniture

Sometimes we get new furniture and need to take away the old pieces. They may be items that you wish to use later, because they have some sort of nostalgia attached to them or they could simply be useful later. Whatever the reason, you can keep your extra furniture in a storage unit. Just be sure to cushion and cover with a blanket or something similar to prevent bumps and scratches.

Most things can be put into storage and it can be a useful method of storing items that still have meaning and are useful. Contact Dunbar Removals and Storage for more information.


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October 27, 2021

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