Moving House in Winter? Here are Five Ways to Make it Less Stressful!

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Moving house can be especially stressful throughout the winter. After all, this is usually the busiest and most expensive time of year! There are also extra challenges to deal with during the colder months, such as the sudden change in weather and reduced daylight hours – so forward-thinking is vital!

Ready to start planning your big move? Here are five simple yet effective ways to ensure a smooth, stress-free winter relocation.

Wrap your belongings before packing them

To protect your belongings from the rain and frost on the day of your move, make sure to seal them in bubble wrap or blankets before packing them into cardboard boxes. This is especially important for boxes of electricals that could break if they are exposed to rain!

If any boxes do get wet, make sure to unpack them as soon as possible. Leaving piles of clothes damp could cause issues such as mould to develop, which will only add stress to the unpacking process.

Fill an essentials box with blankets and warm clothes

If your new house has been empty for a while, it could be very cold! Make sure the first night in your new home is warm and comfortable by packing a winter essentials box with extra jumpers, thick socks, blankets, hot water bottles and a kettle for making hot chocolates.

Dress for the winter weather

You’re likely to spend a large proportion of your moving day outside, even if you hire removalists to take care of loading and unloading boxes on your behalf. Dress appropriately for the weather by laying out a warm outfit complete with a waterproof coat and waterproof shoes!

Prepare to lay tarpaulins down in your new property

The last thing you want on moving day is to trample rainwater, ice and mud into your new home. However, this could be a possibility if it’s raining or snowing. Prepare for this by packing a box of doormats, indoor shoes (such as slippers), bin bags and tarpaulins to lay over carpets and floors. You might also want to set aside a mop or brush to sweep the floors as you go along.

Hire a professional removals company

This is the most important step when moving house in winter! You will certainly appreciate the extra help when there are challenges such as poor weather conditions.

When you hire a removals company, you’ll have a team of experts on hand to move your items quickly and safely. This reduces the risk of slips and trips while moving heavy pieces of furniture and also minimises the amount of time your belongings are exposed to the elements.

Another great reason to hire a removals company is that you won’t need to do multiple moving trips or overload your car with heavy cardboard boxes. This is especially beneficial during the winter, as harsh and unpredictable weather conditions can make driving an overloaded car even more dangerous than it already is.

If you’re moving house in winter, don’t attempt it alone! Let the experts at Dunbar Removals & Storage help you out.

With over 40 years of experience in domestic removals, we are well-equipped to take care of your relocation efficiently and conveniently. We’ll always go above and beyond to take the stress of your move, with a team of Edinburgh-based professional removalists dedicated to transporting your belongings safely.

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October 27, 2021

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