The Services To Look Out For When Choosing a Removals Company


It’s no secret that moving house is one of the most stressful days on the calendar. With so much to consider and organise, moving into a new property can be a lengthy process that requires careful planning and organisation. However, with the right removals company on board, you can save yourself money, hassle and a whole lot of stress.

When it comes to moving house, finding the right removal company to assist you with your move is key. The right company can speed up your removals process, ensure everything is packed correctly and safely (including even the most difficult to pack items!) and transport your items safely and efficiently to your new property, leaving you to focus on other moving tasks.

With so many different removals companies out there today, it can be difficult to know how to choose the right one. After all, if they all promise to make your move easy and stress-free, how can you separate the good from the bad? One way to ensure you choose the right company for your house move is to assess the services they have on offer. Many removalists offer more than just a transportation service; some also offer comprehensive packing services and self-storage units to help you temporarily store your items between moves too.

Taking the time to choose a company that offers additional services can help make your move smoother and more efficient. To help ensure you choose the best company for your needs, we’ve put together a list of the services to keep an eye out for when selecting a removals company for your move.

Packing services for moving house

Moving house is extremely expensive, so you want to cut as many costs as possible. Buying packing supplies, boxes and materials for moving can be an expensive additional fee to fit into your budget, not to mention time-consuming – but don’t worry, there are plenty of removals companies that will take care of this for you.

Hiring a removals company that offers additional packing services can make your move much easier. A professional company will assess the number of rooms in your home, how long it will take them to pack everything up and the different types of packing materials required for the job. From this, they can calculate a price to add on to your removal costs.

Professional and reputable removal companies will have trained packers that are experienced in packing and moving various items. They’ll be equipped with the skills and training to handle a range of items and ensure that each item is packed carefully and properly. When you use a company that offers additional packing services, you can also rest assured that the best quality packing materials are used to safely transport your belongings, offering you some extra peace of mind that everything will make it safely to your new home.

Storage units for moving

There are a number of reasons why you may require self storage while moving house. Whether your new home isn’t quite ready for you to move all of your belongings in yet or you’re planning to do some of the rooms up and need to keep your furniture safe and protected, self storage is a great option for lots of people. Instead of finding a separate self storage company, it can be more convenient and cost-effective to hire a removals company that provides self storage units at an additional cost.

Remember, it’s crucial that you feel confident that your possessions are safe and secure while in storage. Talk to the removals company about how much space you’ll need, what you need to store and what security measures they have in place. Putting items into storage during your move can alleviate some of the moving stress and take the pressure off having to find space for all of your belongings.

International moving services

Depending on your move, you may need to look for a company that offers international moving services or overseas shipping. If you’re moving abroad or overseas, shipping all of your items yourself can be expensive and stressful. Instead, we recommend finding a company that specialises in international removals. An experienced company can organise your shipping schedule for you and help ensure that you stay within budget, allowing you to focus on saying your goodbyes and getting yourself over to your brand new home.

Transporting fragile and expensive items to your new home can be extremely difficult and the last thing you want is to turn up to your new property to find your possessions broken or damaged. Working with an international removals company will ensure you receive the very best service and your items turn up safely and correctly packaged.

Commercial removals

Perhaps you’re not moving home; you may be moving your business to a brand new location. If you’re relocating offices or moving your business, we recommend choosing a removals company that also specialises in commercial removals. A commercial removals company will have the necessary experience, skills and training to safely and efficiently transport your entire business to your new location, which can sometimes be more complex than a house move.

For example, if your business is on the top floor of a building and you have over twenty different computers to move, a house removal company with little experience will likely struggle. However, an experienced company that specialises in commercial removals will have the correct packaging, logistical skills and team to efficiently move your business without damaging any items.

Questions to ask your local removals company

To help ensure that you choose the right company and find a removalist that is best suited to your requirements, here are a few questions to ask beforehand:

●     How much experience do you have? Remember, the longer a company has been operating, the more experience they have in safely and efficiently transporting items.

●     What is included in the quote? You don’t want to be caught out by any hidden or unexpected costs down the line.

●     What other services do you offer? Don’t forget to double check what other services are on offer to make your move go smoothly.

●     Do you have any testimonials from previous clients? A reputable removals company will be more than happy to show you reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

●     Do you offer insurance? If you’re moving particularly valuable items, it’s important that you ask whether the company offers insurance to cover your items should they get damaged during the move.

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October 27, 2021

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