Why Do People Use Self Storage?

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Self-storage is a great option for anyone that needs an additional storage area away from home. With your own secure unit, you can keep personal, business or seasonal items protected and access them whenever you need to. There are several reasons why self-storage is an appropriate solution so if you need extra space, why not invest in a unit?

Here are some of the top reasons why people use self-storage.

Extra storage while moving house or office

If you have a gap between leaving your old property and moving into your new place then you’ll need somewhere to keep your belongings. Using self-storage is a great option as you can move everything back gradually so your move is easy to manage and less stressful. This is also very useful if you want to decorate your new home or office before fully moving in.

A place to keep stock

Do you have a small business? If so, you might run out of space for your stock but having a secure unit means everything will be kept safely in one place. Having a dedicated area for stock will also keep your home and business separate but it’s still very convenient to access as much as you’d like.

Somewhere to keep items when moving away

If you’re going travelling or moving away to university you don’t have to get rid of your belongings. Long-term self-storage options mean you can keep your furniture or personal belongings securely out away until you return. There are plenty of options to suit everyone no matter how long you require the unit for including affordable prices. Then, once you’re home you can gather your items as and when you need them.

More room to put seasonal items

From Christmas decorations for sports gear and more, seasonal items can take up a lot of room in your home that you may need for other belongings. Moving all of this to a secure spot will free up more space and ensure that your home is clutter-free. 

If you’re struggling for space or you need a temporary storage solution, Dunbar Removals & Storage offer affordable self-storage options. Based in East Lothian, your items will be fully insured in our care and with your own lock, you can access your belongings when you please. Get in touch with us today for more information.


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October 27, 2021

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