Storage is a major matter of concern for commercial and domestic customers. You have two options when storing your items: self-storage units or container usage. However, there’s a vast difference between both. You must consider the best available option in terms of size, cost and safety. A typically renowned self-storage company will offer container storage in Edinburgh for the safe storage of both commercial and domestic items. You can also take the containers on a rental basis from these companies.

However, many people still think of opting for self-storage units. There’s, however, a vast difference between self-storage and professional container storage solutions. If you’re planning to avail one, make sure you check the differences between both.

What is Container Storage?

These are either wooden or metal containers where the items are being stored. They are placed inside the warehouse. You can store domestic or commercial items safely and relevantly in these containers. These companies typically offer storage and collection as delivery of the belongings.

What is Self-storage?

A self-storage option is a rental storage space where you must unload and manage all the items yourself. Moreover, these storage places need high safety options or an extensive range of unit sizes. Hence, storing all types of items in a self-storage unit is difficult.

What is the difference between self and container storage options?

1. Location
Self-storage units are generally built inside buildings. They might be located on the upper floors without any lift to give you proper access. On the other hand, the container storage unit is generally built in commercial spaces or warehouses. They are situated on the ground level so that things can be taken inside without any transportation costs and energy loss.

2. Security
Self-storage units are weather proof as they are majorly situated inside the buildings. However, you might need 24/7 CCTV access or an advanced locking facility in a self storage unit. This is not the case with container storage. These units are the weather, moisture, and corrosion, proving to keep the belongings safe. You will also get advanced locking options and safety measures with these units.

3. Accessibility
Self-storage units are not movable. You will have to organise the goods inside alone. On the other hand, container storage can be moved from one destination to the other. In case you want to transport your belongings from one state to another, you can easily ask the container service company to ship the container along with the belongings. This will ensure the complete safety of the things inside the container.

4. Cost of the containers
Generally container storage options are cheaper compared to selling storage units. This is usually because, in container storage units, you will not get random access. You must take prior appointment with the company to access your belongings.

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