A Guide for Moving Day

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Buying, selling and moving house is a stressful process, so ensuring you’re well-prepared when moving day comes around will take a bit of the anxiety away and allow you to enjoy the move to your new home.

Here are our tips for moving day.

Wake up early

If you don’t give yourself enough time in the morning you’ll get flustered trying to sort everything out in a hurry. If you’re rushing, you’re much more likely to forget things, so have an early night and wake up bright and early to get on top of everything.

Pack any final items

While most of your packing is probably already done, there will still be some things hanging around like toiletries and food. Throw away any things you don’t need and make sure all your important items get packed in the car with you.

Do one final sweep

Go through the house one more time to make sure you’ve packed everything, checking spots like the attic, garage and any cupboards for items left behind. Sometimes things may fall behind cabinets or behind radiators, so check in all the nooks and crannies.

Greet the movers

Once the removal company arrives, give them a walkthrough of the house and show them everything that needs packing. Let them know of any fragile items and any boxes that you don’t want to be loaded.

Stick around while the removal company packs up the van so you’re there if they have any questions and you can oversee that all your boxes are going to the right places. Once all the boxes are loaded, do one more scan before you leave checking for any items and give the house a clean.

Head to your new home

Now you can say goodbye to your beloved house and set off on your new adventure! Stay in contact with your removal company during the journey, there could be delays or they may have gone a different route. This way you’ll know when to expect them and if they get to the new house first, you can let them know any details they may need.

Guide the movers

Once you have the keys and you can begin moving in, you’ll need to show the removal company where to put everything so give them a walkthrough of the new house and let them know which boxes and furniture should go in which rooms.

Unpack the essentials

There’s no use starting to unpack everything on the first day, only take out the essentials you’ll need for that evening and the next morning. If you keep this all in the same box and take it in the car with you, you won’t have to sort through tons of bags and boxes to find things like pyjamas, toothbrushes or toilet rolls. Now you can relax and enjoy your new home!

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October 27, 2021

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