Our Ultimate Guide To Domestic and Commercial Removals

Moving can be a tedious and difficult task, regardless of whether it is a domestic or commercial move – there are so many things that need to be considered. Therefore, you must be up for the challenge and plan ahead of time. Planning and acquiring knowledge about removal services will ensure a smooth process without any hassle or stress. With multiple removal companies in the market, pinning down the right one can be intimidating. However, to help you out we’ve listed down some tips for you.

With this in mind, here in this blog, we will talk you through some of the factors involved with domestic and commercial removals and some of the points to consider. 

Types of removal services

Every removal company often has a list of their services and often this will include different types of areas to be removed or moved as well as different types of products that will be included in the process as well.

Commercial removals: These services may include the removal and moving of items that are of the corporate level. Environments like these include office environments, office supplies and items such as folder drawers, desks, computer systems, and other items of this nature.

Domestic removals: As it sounds, these services belong to a domain much personal to you. This may

include your house or apartment alongside other services such as packaging and storage.

Transport Services: As the name indicates, there are lots of times when a situation requires most of the packaging and removals to be done, and there is only a need of transporting the items and packages to a new spot. Lots of companies provide services for transport as well.

Packing Services: Similar to transport services, companies also provide packing services which include the firm providing their packaging material. This is followed by the transportation of the items to a new location as requested as well.

Storage solutions: Every quality removal company will offer proper storage for your belongings – regardless of if you are carrying out a domestic or commercial move. Professional removal companies have their storage facilities along with features like container storage, CCTV surveillance, 24-hour access self-storage, etc. In addition to this, it is a part of most companies policies to provide insurance for the items that get stored in their warehouses. Security and insurance often come as a package for the customers.

Finding the right domestic or commercial removal company 

There are a few additional things to consider in choosing the right removal company for you:

Use an accredited removals firm

To make sure that you’re receiving the best possible service, you’ll want to be sure that you have the peace of mind that comes with using a professional removals firm. The key indication of a professional and reliable moving service is a moving firm that is approved by trading standards and is Which? trader trusted. These are key indicators of a good and reliable moving firm. 

Get a few quotes

Pricing is of course a big factor for lots of people. Taking this into consideration, it is certainly advisable to get a few quotes from various firms to look at the costs involved. Of course, it might seem like going with the cheapest option is best – however, this isn’t necessarily the case – make sure they are accredited and get into contact with them. Remember to compare based on ‘like for like’ services, maybe a quote is cheaper because you are not receiving the same level of service.

Ask a few questions

Your removals company of choice should work with you to help you to understand your requirements and help to give you a personalised move process that is tailored to your needs. Asking the right questions on what services will be provided, for example, your packing materials, specialist equipment they have on offer, how long the moving process will take and also if they will be following a floorplan to put your furniture and equipment back into place. A reliable and professional removal firm will also be able to guide you on before and after the move itself.

Get testimonials

If you find that you are still feeling uncertain about using a removal firm it’s wise to ask for recent testimonials or case studies for similar business moves they’ve done previously. Asking a customer on their experience of using a company is very conducive to a positive experience, word of mouth is a way that many removal firms establish business so it’s certainly worth asking around friends or family of any reliable removal firms they’ve used. Seeking local moving companies is always advisable for additional convenience.

Make sure they have insurance

In the unlikely event that anything would get damaged, make sure the removal company has the appropriate insurance needed.   

What a credible removal company can offer you

Along with the points mentioned above which are essential in regards to the pre-planning process, there are a few things that are truly essential for a successful office move and that is thorough planning and an experienced and professional removal firm. Here we have listed some of the main benefits of using a professional removal firm for your domestic or commercial move.

Less stressful

A common mistake relating to any kind of removal job is overestimating the size of the vehicle and perhaps underestimating the amount of stuff that needs to be transported. Removal companies have the right equipment and size-specific vehicles to transport the items most efficiently. Moreover, a removal company will be able to offer you the reassurance and assistance to organise and facilitate the right-sized vehicles for the move.

Help and assistance when needed 

A removals team will be specifically trained in packing and unpacking your possessions saving you loads of time and effort. With this in mind, using a removal company is a much more time-efficient way of tackling a relocation. They will have the experience to deal with the steps appropriately. 

Dunbar Removals & Storage – Professional Removals Company

Whether you’re looking for a licensed waste carrier or a team of professionals to help you move your antiques, Dunbar Removals & Storage will be able to help you. We offer competitive rates for home removal, assistance in your commercial relocation and provide storage facilities for the short or long term contracts. We take great pride in offering the service you require; no job is too big or too small.

We also offer a complete house removal service – whether you require packing materials, assistance boxing up your belongings or you’ve got old furniture that needs disposing of, our team of professional movers are on hand to help.

In addition to this, we also provide commercial moves where we will always try to minimise the disruption to your business. We aim to provide a UK wide commercial removal service that fits your time-frame. With weekend and out-of-hours moves available, Dunbar Removals & Storage ensure that your office move is efficient and orderly, preventing any unnecessary disruption to your operations. To find out more, please contact us today, we’d be delighted to help. 


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October 27, 2021